HeartScience MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Device is a breakthrough in the early detection of cardiac dysfunction*. Patented signal processing methods using wavelet mathematics provide new information related to energy in the acquired ECG signal. Proprietary informatics characterize energy related information and metrics, providing new data that allows for the detection of mechanical relaxation abnormalities through electrocardiography.

Proprietary informatics related to energy during repolarization, rather than conventional voltage-based ECG information provide valuable new information related to repolarization abnormalities that allows for strong correlation to Diastolic Dysfunction.  MyoVista wavECG Technology addresses a major clinical, technical and economic need in testing of cardiac dysfunction with an easy to adopt, easy to interpret, low-cost and non-invasive solution that does not require any change in conventional resting 12-lead ECG clinical workflow.

• MyoVista Technology detects cardiac dysfunction in the diastolic phase.