EU launch for cardiac disease screening device

It’s no secret that both Apple and Google have their sights set on the healthcare market. Both have gradually become more involved with health-focused projects – the latter investing heavily in its life sciences division, Verily, and the former striking deals with health firms in its trademark covert fashion.

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HeartSciences announces EU approval, launch of MyoVista hsECG

European regulators gave HeartSciences CE mark approval for its MyoVista high sensitivity electrocardiograph testing device, a technology that uses Continuous Wavelet Transform to measure cardiac energy per heartbeat. The device, which is a combination of traditional 12-lead resting ECG tracings, ECG interpretive analysis and informatics, has also been launched by the company in Europe.

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HeartSciences wins CE mark, launches MyoVista ECG in the EU

HeartSciences said today that its MyoVista high sensitivity electrocardiograph testing device won CE Mark and launched in Europe.

The Westlake, Texas.-based company’s device measures the heart’s energy per heartbeat using Continuous Wavelet Transform, a type of advanced signal processing that provides doctors with a detailed visual description of a cardiac cycle’s energy distribution.

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New advanced ECG tool for cardiac disease now available in Europe

European cardiologists may soon be able to detect the presence of heart disease more effectively in patients, thanks to a new advanced ECG tool.

HeartSciences’ MyoVista high-sensitivity electrocardiograph (hsECG) Testing Device is now available for sale and distribution in markets across the European Union, following CE approval.

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HeartSciences gets green light to sell next-gen ECG in EU

HeartSciences has started selling its MyoVista electrocardiograph (ECG) in Europe after picking up a CE mark. The device is designed to enable early detection of artery disease by visualizing energy distribution during cardiac cycles.

Traditional ECGs detect and display the electrical signals the heart produces when it beats. The low cost and safety of the test made it a go-to option for doctors. But the shortcomings of ECGs have seen organizations including U.K. cost watchdog NICE recommend against their use in certain situations. ECGs are particularly poor at detecting structural and ischemic heart disease.

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HeartSciences introduces the MyoVista® hsECG™ Cardiac Testing Device at the 2017 European Society of Cardiology

HeartSciences is a medical device company with the mission to enable accurate, affordable screening for the early detection of heart disease.  Our groundbreaking MyoVista® high-sensitivity ECG (hsECGTM) device advances the field of cardiac testing by filling the “diagnostic gap” in cardiac care and detecting cardiac dysfunction even in asymptomatic stages.

HeartSciences MyoVista High Sensitivity ECG Now Available in Europe

HeartSciences, a firm based outside of Dallas, Texas, is releasing in Europe its MyoVista high sensitivity electrocardiograph (hsECG) device that helps to screen patients for cardiac disease. It relies on a mathematical method known as continuous wavelet transform to process ECG data in a manner very different than conventional ECG. The company compares the way its MyoVista’s color representation of the heart gives a view of the heart’s distribution of energy to color Doppler radar giving a view into the energy distribution of a storm.

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