Not FDA cleared.

Not available in the United States.

The MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Cardiac Testing Device includes breakthrough technology that is designed to provide information related to myocardial energy that may be used by physicians as part of an overall risk assessment to assist in determining whether a patient should receive further testing, evaluation and/or treatment. HeartSciences’ breakthrough innovation in electrocardiography adds new features that enhance patient screening for the detection of heart disease.

The MyoVista wavECG Device benefits from more than ten years of research and development by HeartSciences to improve the ability of an ECG to detect structural and ischemic heart disease. The MyoVista wavECG Device has a sensitivity of 74.3% and a specificity of 72.9%* for the detection of myocardial relaxation abnormalities associated with LVDD.